Apple Next Year May Launch IPhone Xs And IPhone Xs Plus

- Nov 27, 2017-

November 25, according to foreign media reports, Apple this year for the birth of the iPhone and the special launch of the iPhone X, not only in the design of great changes in the naming also broke the tradition. According to the prediction of research institutes, the follow-up iPhone launched by Apple may adopt the iPhone X series name, and next year it may be iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus.

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User released iPhone X series spy photos

According to the forecast given by the research institutes, after the launch of the first iPhone X with OLED screen this year, Apple will launch various iPhone X series follow-ups based on this, not only inheriting the design of iPhone X, but also inheriting iPhone X naming.

Specifically, Apple will introduce two iPhone X-series follow-ups next year, including one with the same screen size as the iPhone X, but the other with a larger screen size of 6.45 inches.

In terms of naming, iPhone X follow-up products or iPhone X-based, but will be integrated before the iPhone's naming strategy, iPhone Xs after the launch of the iPhone Xs, a larger screen that is named iPhone Xs Plus.

Next year's iPhone X series will also use this naming strategy, may not use the iPhone 4 to iPhone 8 series of Arabic numerals. 2019 may be iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus, 2020 is the iPhone XIs and iPhone XIs Plus.

As a successor to the iPhone X, both the iPhone Xs and the iPhone XIs will use the same OLED screen as the iPhone X, but as the technology matures, the screen resolution will increase.

It is worth noting that many analysts, including KGI Securities, have predicted that Apple will launch two OLED-based iPhones next year, though they expect the larger screen to be named iPhone X Plus.

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