Apple Released IOS 11.4 Beta: What's New

- Apr 04, 2018-

update content:

In iOS 11.3 official version, Apple removed iCloud synchronization of cloud information. In iOS11.4 beta 1, we see news return to iCloud.

The HomePod stereo pairing setting returns, but it needs to work with unreleased HomePod Beta firmware to work properly.

Added the latest Schoolwork preview application for student users, and added ClassKit API support for third-party applications.


Known issues:

When streaming videos from the YouTube app via Airplay, the audio may lag the video by 2-3 seconds.

When streaming videos from a YouTube application to a single Apple TV, Apple TV may only have audio playback.

In some cases, music playback may get stuck at the end of the first track.

The problems existing in the iOS11.3 official version of some users' feedback still exist as follows:

Pressing the application 3D Touch immediately after the device is unlocked is disabled.

Some device messages are left-sliding and deleted. Pop-up windows will suddenly disappear. You need to re-swipe left and click Delete.

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