Apple's New Cannon Will Be Released: One-handed Control Is Perfect

- Apr 19, 2018-

In early 2016, Apple released a 4-inch cell phone that is based on an upgraded version of the iPhone 5S. It is the iPhone SE. "SE" stands for "Special edition." When the mobile phone became bigger and bigger at the time, the iPhone SE was like a clear stream and was favored by many users.

苹果新款“小钢炮”将发布 单手操控很完美

Some time ago, we reported on the new iphone SE, and the big guys have come up with news about the new iphone SE, which is likely to be officially met on the WWDC this year. Recently, foreign media have reported that Eurasian Economic Commission's database has seen some new iphone models, including a1920/1921/1984/2097/2101/2103 and so on, and all equipped with iOS 11 system.

苹果新款“小钢炮”将发布 单手操控很完美

According to the foreign media analysis, these models are not to be released this fall of the three new machines, the reason is that the system does not match, and secondly, according to Apple's consistent style, in the database products are generally one months after the release of the new products, so this year's WWDC on the product may be unveiled, combined with previous reports, The new iphone se will also be in it. It is reported that the new iphone SE will use a 4.5-inch screen, equipped with A10 chip.

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