Apple's Next-generation IPhone Will Cancel Bang: The New Design Is Amazing!

- Mar 12, 2018-

The design of the "Bang" screen of the iPhone X has been mixed since the release of the product. Some people think that "Bang" is a panacea and some people find it difficult to accept it. March 8 news, according to South Korean media ETNews reported that Apple plans to remove the current iPhone X's “bangs” in 2019, and is now discussing the feasibility of this idea with several related companies.

iPhone X

The current supplier is very interested in this plan of apple. How does Apple keep "Fringe" and keep the sensors such as Face ID and camera, some screen suppliers think that Apple may open holes on the OLED screen or use Black Matrix technology in the screen. The design greatly preserves the aesthetics of the phone.

iPhone X

Analysts believe that Apple's attempt to remove "bangs" is certain, but it seems unlikely that current technology will be enough. A problem with a front camera is enough for Apple to drink a pot. Of course, Apple certainly will not consider making the elevating front camera of the vivo APEX full screen concept machine, otherwise Face ID will not be able to experience. We believe that opening a hole in the OLED screen seems more likely, and it is more coordinated than the current "Liu Hai" design.

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