Apple Speaker: IPhone X Screen Color Display And Burn-in Is Normal

- Nov 06, 2017-

Since the birth of the OLED screen, the advantages and disadvantages are both present. But later, with Samsung's training, OLED screen has gradually improved, but still can not be perfect. "Burn-in" is all OLED panel nightmare. The advantage of OLED screen is to display black pure, in addition to more power-saving, suitable for mobile phones. And this year, Apple also used the OLED screen for the first time in the mobile phone, the product is supplied by Samsung display company.

iPhone X

However, since it is OLED screen, but how you high-tech, the pixel light is out of control. IPhone and X in customer service, also triggered a series of discussion, the Apple Corp recently also remind the user in advance, or color screen burn-in is probably a normal OLED screen.

Apple said in a statement, if the user to tilt the angle to observe the iPhone X OLED screen, will notice the slight color change, this is the OLED screen characteristics and normal performance. With long-term use, the OLED screen will appear visual changes slightly, this is also a kind of meet the normal expectations of change, and this change in vision includes "lasting image" or "burn-in", when a new image appeared on the screen, there will still be some blur before image.

Apple warned that the phenomenon will be displayed on the display under extreme conditions such as high contrast and long time display a fixed screen. Apple's technical team made some efforts in technology OLED super retina screen, can minimize the burn-in phenomenon of OLED. For iPhone X users, apple remind use automatic brightness mode, and automatic lock screen time can be set shorter, in addition to upgrade to the latest version of the software, the software to enhance the OLED screen life.

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