Apple Store App Updated Support Touch ID

- Jul 28, 2017-

Apple recently many systems in the update, but now, on our iPhone and the Apple Store application also ushered in the update, and this update also brings some important change, one of the most significant is to expand the use of Touch ID.

The Apple Store App update supports Touch ID


Users are now not only can use the application access to the latest Apple products, but also can use Touch ID now whether change account Settings, or use the credit card associated with this account to pay, users can use the Touch ID to verify your Apple ID. Usually Touch ID can be used to buy goods through Apple Pay, but in fact, shoppers must click "buy other payment options" in the app to use the Apple ID. Although it is a small change, but for the user experience, there is no small improvement.

Apple also let users are more likely to see a socket near have a particular iPhone configuration, this autumn, when the iPhone 7 8 s series and the iPhone comes, this function may become particularly important.

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