Apple Store's Entire Product Price Cut Is Too Alarming

- May 02, 2018-

The evening of the previous day, Apple’s official website was opened for maintenance. Many netizens speculated that Apple was not ready to surprise everyone on Labor Day, and even released a new iPhone SE 2 on this day. However, after careful inquiry by users, it was discovered that only Apple's official website in the Chinese mainland is in maintenance state, and Apple's official websites in other regions are displaying normally, so it is certainly not possible to release new products.


Early this morning, Apple's official website finally returned to normal. According to Apple's official website, this update did not release new products, but just adjusted the price of the full range of products. However, a closer look at the magnitude of this price cut is actually not very significant. Take the most popular iPhone X as an example. The 64GB version is now selling for 8,316 yuan, and the price is reduced by 72 yuan. The 256GB version is sold for 9,605 yuan, and the price is reduced by 83 yuan. Everyone who sees this price will think.


In fact, the price reduction of the entire apple product line is related to the national tax reform. From May 1, the value-added tax has been reduced from 17% to 16%. Apple's price cuts will only return the 1% tax rate difference to consumers. But this move also led to Apple's official website price changes, in the past are the "8" end of the price, and now what the end of the price, it is estimated that obsessive-compulsive disorder patients will surely be crazy after reading it.

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