Apple Think About New IPhone X: Big Bangs Become Small

- Jan 18, 2018-

According to the latest report given by South Korean media ET News, Apple is planning a new iPhone X, while the difference with the current version is that the bangs of the new machine will be much smaller than the current one. In addition to increasing the screen share, Visual effects are also more harmonious.

iphone X.jpg

Specifically, Apple intends to start enhancing facial sensing on the new generation of iPhone Xs, and the Face ID sensor will be integrated into the front camera, meaning that if Apple integrates the RGB camera with the infrared, Then the bangs will be much smaller than now.

For Apple, the iPhone X release that day, they have determined the direction of the iPhone shape efforts, and that is to achieve a true sense of 100% screen share, and now the iPhone X front bangs integrated: Infrared lens, reflective / distance / ambient light sensor, microphone, front camera, dot matrix projector.

It is worth mentioning that Taiwan's industry chain is currently following Apple's ideas and silently performing new sensor synthesis work, while the cheaper version of iPhone X is also underway. It uses a 6.01-inch LCD screen with metal Rear shell, the overall shape with the current iPhone X exactly the same.

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