Apple Uphold High-end? New IPhone X/X Plus Price May Make You Heartattack

- Apr 13, 2018-

Not surprisingly, this year Apple will launch three iPhone Xs, the new iPhone X, the cheaper iPhone X and the iPhone X Plus. For these three products, Apple is bound to re-adjust its selling price.

apple pricing.jpg

Now, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich sent his price forecast for a new generation of iPhone, iPhone X Plus starting price will exceed $ 1,000 (1099 US dollars or 1059 US dollars), and the iPhone X price will drop to 900 US dollars Price segment, while the cheap version of the iPhone X is sticking to the $700 price segment.


For this price analysis forecast, it is still very reliable, at least the iPhone X Plus absolute high-end status is unshakable, if so, then the price of the aircraft state line will definitely exceed the 10,000 yuan mark.

price list.jpg

Are you not calm?

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