Apple Will Integrate IOS And MacOS Applications

- Dec 22, 2017-

Many Mac users are troubled by the fact that Mac systems are too few software to use, which is hardly comparable with the Windows platform. However, according to foreign media reports, this kind of trouble is going to be improved. The media said Apple plans to start from next year, leading developers to develop App compatible with both iOS and macOS.


If you are a Windows user, should be more or less heard of Microsoft's "UWP application", this type of application can run on Microsoft PC system and the mobile terminal, Microsoft plans to use this application to their mobile terminal system market share, but the Windows 10 Mobile is a bit disappointing, causing users for this type of application or not interested in what.

It is reported that Apple will also introduce this feature from iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 according to the different operation modes of device, model, touch screen, mouse or touchpad, and we will see this kind of application on next year's WWDC2018.

The students with the "apple family barrel" know that the apple iOS side has a lot of excellent applications, but the Mac platform is very few of the App. If the good applications of the iOS end can be used on the Mac platform, the ecology of the Mac is definitely a huge boost.

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