Apple Will Launch 512GB Double Card IPhone

- Dec 07, 2017-

Recently, analysts analyzing Nomura's forecasts for investors predicted that there will be a 512GB version of the iPhone launched by Apple next year and support dual-card dual-standby. Considering that Samsung has just announced that it can mass-produce 512GB of flash memory, The accuracy of this prediction is high.


In addition to 512GB dual-card iPhone, next year's three iPhone, it seems that we are all more concerned about that section of the LCD screen models, it is reported that although this iPhone supports facial recognition, but the back is still using a single camera, Or Wistron foundry.

As for next year's OLED version of the iPhone, OEM by Foxconn. In addition, before the "new iPhone may support rear 3D camera" message was also denied. Of course, analysts also said these forecasts will change, the actual specifications but also to shape early next year.


iPhone X is undoubtedly the most changeable iPhone appearance in recent years, according to Apple's tradition, a design can be used for at least 3 years, so in the next 1-2 years, iPhone's appearance will not have much change, on the contrary its old rival Samsung Mobile phone changes may be very large, just do not know after the debut of the new iPhone and Samsung S9, who will be better?

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