Apple Wwould Cut IPAD MINI Because Of Poor Sales?

- May 19, 2017-

Do you feel that the iPad product line has become a bit confusing this year, and some of the iPad products have not been upgraded since 2015, and the iPad Mini is an obvious example. Today, news came from overseas that apple is really going to give up the iPad mini product line.

At present, the latest iPad Mini products, or 2015 release of iPad MINI 4, almost two years, this product line no new product launch. The source of the news is said to be a "close to Apple Corp" people, he said that the termination of the mini iPad product line, an important reason is that sales are less than expected.


The entire tablet market has been on the decline in recent years, so Apple may have dropped some of its products, so they chose the 7.9 inch iPad mini. Now, Apple Corp apparently shifted the focus of iPad's business to the 9.7 inch tablet and the iPad Pro. It also includes the upcoming 10.5 inch narrow bezel iPad.

If you want to experience chuaijin pocket sized iPad, then take advantage of iPad MINI 4 is not to buy a line. By the way, the only flat I bought is iPad Mini. I bought it for 2888 yuan in Jingdong in October 42015. It will be the one and the only?

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