Battery Inventory You Need To Wait: Two Weeks For Iphone 6, End Of March For Iphone 6Plus

- Jan 24, 2018-

This policy has been opened in the global Apple store, then the implementation of what? CNBC reporter Todd Haselton went to the Apple Store on 14th Street in New York to find out.

apple store.jpg

Summarized as follows:

1, iPhone 6 need to wait two weeks for the battery, the store is currently no spare parts;

2, iPhone 6s battery can be replaced within 2 hours;

3, Accidental Shutdown for iPhone 6s The Battery Free Replacement Program (the first batch of users purchased in October and November 2015) is still in effect.

In addition, Haselton stressed that he successfully booked the service prior to the store, but useless, hard to run past or ate, was informed of the goods, the same situation also appeared in the Bestbuy storefront.

So he suggested that consumers have the best phone and shop to get in touch to understand the sale of stocking situation.

In addition, my colleagues learned in the Apple Store in Zhengzhou, Plus series of batteries have to wait until the end of March, iPhone 6s is two hours for the end. As for the version, at present, the Bank of China, Hong Kong version and Taiwan version no problem, as for the other regions need to check the serial number confirmation

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