Being Kidnapped To Ulock IPhone X Face ID How To Do? Apple Official Give You Valuable Advice!

- Sep 19, 2017-

Recently, Apple software engineering director Craig Federighi to the user reply to the mail, to answer the above questions. He said that most (not all) sunglasses can allow Apple Face ID to unlock, and in the anti-thief, also made two security mechanisms.

Craig Federighi said that most of the sunglasses are allowed to pass through the infrared light, which means that Face ID can see your eyes and complete the verification, which is really amazing.

In addition, Apple is still mentioned at the press conference, even if the user with a hat, scarves, accessories, beard, wearing glasses, make-up, Face ID are also normal identification.

face ID.jpg

At the same time, in order to prevent the thief to take the owner of the iPhone X, and use its facial unlock, Apple set up two security mechanisms:

1, if you do not look at the phone, Face ID can not complete the identification;

2, before you hand over the phone, while holding down the phone on both sides of the (power button and volume key), Face ID will be temporarily disabled.

In the message, Craig Federighi also explained his embarrassment at the conference encounter Face ID failed, in fact, Apple has also announced the reason, because the show before the staff took the iPhone X, but no consciousness To the face recognition system is trying to verify their face, because the validation fails, causing the iPhone X to automatically lock (unlock the number of failures too much), this time only through the password to unlock.


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