Blush Gold Edition IPhoneX Began Mass Production

- Mar 21, 2018-

Of course, smart apples will also do some fine-tuning, such as changing the color is a very easy way.

blush gold.jpg

According to the person named Ben Geskin, Iridium's iPhone X is not only planned but has even been tested. He blew out the spy photos of the back of the aircraft and the SIM card holder, internal code D21A.

blush gold2.jpg

In fact, an impression of a friend should remember that the rumors of the iPhone X 腮 金 金 金 金 were announced before the release last year, but in the end because of Guo Mingchi’s “low gold yield, production difficulties” and gradually died down.

In fact, the introduction of new color matching for the mobile phone in the middle of Apple is rare, and only twice in history. They are the iPhone 7 China Red Edition and the iPhone 4 white edition. The combination of Ben Geskin's credibility means that it can be used as a reference, but it cannot be confirmed for the time being.

In fact, there is news that Apple's planned new iPhone in Liu Haiping's new iPhone in 2018 will indeed have a golden color scheme. In this case, it is even less likely that an unclear bonus will be added to the iPhone X. What about?

Taking into account the Apple conference will be March 27, wait and see.

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