Boom! IPhone 8 New Features Leaked: No Fingerprints,use Your Face!

- Sep 13, 2017-

The first is the Face ID entry animation, when the Face ID in the entry process to identify the face, the cool smile from the gray turned into a blue smile.



Followed by the input method, according to the tips of iOS 11, you must follow the iPhone up and down around a week in order to complete the work of the face information input.

Finally, Face ID settings interface, but also revealed more content, Face ID can not only unlock the iPhone, and even can replace the password in the iTunes and App Store shopping! This has completely replaced the fingerprint recognition of the Touch ID work.3.jpg

It seems Apple Face ID this way of identification of the security is very confident, the other Face ID of the existence and function side also confirmed that the iPhone 8 and did not get under the screen fingerprint function, only use Face ID to replace everyone's favorite Touch ID , Consumers may really have to get used to brush face consumption.

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