Can IPhone 5 Use 5G?

- Jun 28, 2018-

Judging from the history of the Internet, for each stage of 3G to 4G, tariffs will rise one tier. So, as a matter of course, 5G will be more expensive than 4G. New networks, regardless of 2G and 4G, will have network stations. These network base stations are very expensive. The consumption of these network base stations is basically spent on consumers.

Consumers can only accept price increases. The development of real networks will soon be from 3G to 5G. It will take only a few short years. The development of the network will correspond to the development of our society. Even if it is expensive, the network will not be expensive. Where to go? Because if there is no one to use it to a certain extent, operators do not want to develop a network and no one uses it. People do not have to worry about using it. They only need to wait quietly for the arrival of the 5G network and enjoy more convenient and faster. network of.

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At that time, the download speed of the 5G network reached the limit, even faster than the current broadband! Then someone also asked, 5G out of my iPhone X can still use it? Is it worth buying an iPhone X now?

iPhone X is now popular "hot chicken", everyone wants to start one, before from 3G to 4G, need to change the phone card, but from 4G to 5G but need to change the phone, 5G needs the configuration of the phone, but according to Investigate that all versions of mobile phones do not support 5G, that is, iPhone X can not be used, but now want to use to buy it! Now it is still based on 4G, at least until 2020 when the mobile phone will be updated.

Do you want to buy iPhone X? Now think from the point of view of Xiao Bian, the next two years is still the world of 4G, 5G has to wait for a year, so it is popular, but also a year, wait until then your iPhone X should also change it ? If you have money, buy it!

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