Can Play Siri: Apple's New AirPods Is Released This Year

- Feb 26, 2018-

AirPods is a wearable device released by apple in 2016, although its fashion is easy to use, but easy to lose has also become a disadvantage. After more than a year of development, have trough had orgasms, in powder heart, it is one of the best use of the headset, calculate the time, the two generation of AirPods is coming.

可以“调戏”Siri了 苹果新AirPods今年发布

Apple has attached great importance to AirPods recently, and has added new hardware functions to it every once in a while. Apple is developing a new version of AirPods with upgraded wireless chips. The product will be released this year. The news also revealed that the new AirPods would allow users to tap their headphones without using their fingers, just to say "Hi, Siri!" It can activate the apple voice assistant, similar to the user activation iPhone or the Siri in the HomePod intelligent sound box. The internal code of the second - generation AirPods of the apple is "B288", and it will carry a wireless chip designed by apple to manage Bluetooth connections.

The current AirPods built-in infrared sensor can automatically identify whether the headset is automatically played in the ear, and the Siri control can be controlled by double clicking. For 5 hours, the earphone can play the music automatically, and the microphone effect of the beam is better. Double click on the headset to turn on the Siri, and the charging box supports 24 hours of life. The connection is very simple. It can automatically identify the iPhone only if it needs to open.

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