Can Play So! User Hair IPhone X Hidden Bangs Tutorial

- Nov 14, 2017-

iPhone X acclaimed, but the top of the screen "bangs" design has been Tucao people. Recently, some engineers said he wrote a software that could hide iPhone X's bangs, but he also recorded a video that shows bangs hidden implementation process.

iPhone X隐藏刘海实现过程(图片来自@Naituw)

A closer look is easy to see, this person is iPhone X upside down to take, and this program Demo just a virtual "bangs", and then the virtual "bangs" hidden to create a full screen illusion. Have to say, the silver version of the iPhone X is too easy to sell him, if you use the black iPhone X, perhaps really hard to find.

Although iPhone X acclaimed, but there are still some users hope that the top of the phone "bangs" can be erased, but all the iPhone X black technology are concentrated in this black area, you want to completely hide the other Apple needs to continue to develop By this time, this full screen is really perfect.

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