Can't Downgrade Again! Apple Closed IOS11.2.6 Authentication Channel

- Apr 09, 2018-

Just a few days after the official release of iOS 11.3, Apple decisively closed the iOS 11.2.6 authentication channel, so once it is upgraded, it will no longer be able to fall back.

As a result, iPhone users need to consider when upgrading, because after the update, if any problems are encountered, or if the old version can be jailbroken, it cannot be returned.

cable audio.png

Of course, this is Apple's usual method, and every time after the new version is released, it will quickly cut off the back road.

iOS 11.3 brought a lot of new features, especially the increase of iPhone battery health monitoring, and allows the closure of down-clocking to ensure performance, of course, for domestic users, the most cool is that you can directly brush the bus card in Shanghai and Beijing .

Other highlights are: new memory management mechanisms, updated personal privacy information, App Store review sorting, and iMessage iCloud synchronization.

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