Case-Mate Introduces Power Pad Wireless Charging Board: Supports Two Charge Positions + Apple Samsung Quick Charge

- Apr 08, 2018-

Driven by the big manufacturers, wireless charging technology has become increasingly popular, and the enthusiasm of third-party accessory manufacturers has also been brought up, such as Case-Mate's newly launched Power Pad. The product supports Qi fast charge protocol, which can charge compatible Android and iOS devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S9 (9W fast charge) and iPhone 8/8 Plus / X (7.5W), and the unique base design (horizontally or vertically Put) Allows you to look at the screen while charging at a comfortable angle.

power pad2.jpg

Case-Mate CEO Steve Marzio said that users can easily place their mobile phone on the workbench without using a charging cable to "fish". While charging, users can easily view incoming calls, text messages, or multitasking, greatly improving convenience.

QI wireless.jpg

Case-Mate has a soft light LED to indicate the charging status. After replacing the removable iPhone backboard with a viewing mode bracket, the phone can be easily charged in a flat position.

The minimalist Apple design takes into account both functionality and versatility. The runway-type anti-skid ridge design allows the phone to reach the exact position every time, and the charging pad base prevents movement on a smooth surface.

Case-Mate "Power Pad" Qi Wireless Quick Charger is available on Amazon, available in black/white, for $60 (10% voucher available), and comes with a USB Type-A charger head.

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