Ceramics Customized Version IPhoneX: Blue / Shiny Black Quite Dazzling

- Feb 27, 2018-

Indeed there is such a custom ceramic version of the iPhone X, but it is not produced by Apple's official, but there are customized domestic custom makers.


The customizer replaced the back cover part of the iPhone X with a high-hardness nano-ceramic that made the regular version of the iPhone X a transformed version of a ceramic custom version of the iPhone X.


The customized version has two colors, one is the favor of the public favorite bright black, and one is to create a more popular young blue light blue, although only changed the box, you have to say , These two ceramic custom version of iPhone X can still say with the normal version: "We are not the same!"


Presumably we all know that the first mobile phone is the introduction of millet ceramic, millet in the past two years to regain the ceramic material although can not be said to be the biggest contributor, but at least a great contribution, in addition to fully demonstrated the technical level of millet, Ceramic material also as our most familiar material directly to millet brought a lot of "rice noodles."


Custom makers introduced ceramic custom version of iPhone X in the end is not to pay tribute to millet we do not know, may be, it may only be simple in pursuit of personalization, after all, as more and more purse drums, iPhone X become arcade sooner or later Is that custom manufacturers to create such a custom ceramic plate presumably in order to seize the pursuit of personalized that part of fruit powder.

From the information obtained, the customized version of the iPhone X in addition to light black and bright blue two versions, but also supports the lens around the diamond, engraved engraved back plate, etc., can be said that the four words of private custom to the extreme . I do not know if you are interested in such a customized version?

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