Cheap Big Screen IPhone X Will Come To, Finally Support Double Card?

- Feb 27, 2018-

Full screen mobile phone is now alive, this is a new way of returning to the design for mobile phone manufacturers, for users, at least it is the replacement of enthusiasm. As an apple that once changed the world, the launch of 10th anniversary iPhone X has brought him to the top of the wind again. "Liu Hai" screen, face recognition and other breakthrough design, so that iPhone X has become a new topic with both topic and black technology.

“廉价”大屏iPhone X将至 终于支持双卡?

Of course, even if iPhone X is not perfect, the mobile phone, which sells for nearly 10000 yuan, has a lot of grooves. The first is the design, the iPhone X, which has a full screen design, but the screen size is only 5.8 inches. In addition, the OLED screen will display "congenitally deficient", and the cost is very high. Facing these Tucao, it is reported that Apple will launch two new iPhone X 6.5 screen sizes and 6.1 inches this year, of which 6.1 inches version will be equipped with LCD display to further reduce the cost.

iPhone X6.5英寸版

Of course, the 6.1 inch LCD version of iPhone X is what we often call "cheap version". As for another 6.5 inch super large screen version, the resolution is 1242x2688, and the price estimate should be broken. There is still news that the 6.5 - Inch version of iPhone X will support double - card double, but it should be a E-SIM solution. Big screen big battery plus double card double wait, this iPhone X is really the first choice of the local tyrant!

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