Cheap Version IPhone X And Original Iphone Compared Features

- Feb 27, 2018-

As the iPhone X was more expensive last year, so many users around the world are eager for Apple to launch its cheap version, but for Apple, they know that the highly competitive mobile phone market, selling products to sell at a comparable price Much of that, especially since the original iPhone was not cheap, so how could they have worked so hard to sabotage the high prices laid last year?

Guo Mianzao, who had accurately predicted Apple's new products several times before, once said that the cheap version of iPhone X generally looks like this. Although its appearance is also similar to that of the iPhone X, such as full-screen + face recognition, it is actually reduced in size a lot of:

1, just 6.1 inches LCD screen, while the iPhone X is OLED screen, the cost can be 30-40 US dollars;

2, memory is only 3GB, while the new machine is 4GB, the cost can be about 15 US dollars difference;

3, rear single camera, and the new machine is still double shot, the cost can be about 10 US dollars difference;

4, the back of the material seems to be metal, while the fuselage is a cheap aluminum frame, and the new machine is a double glass design + stainless steel frame, the cost can check 10 US dollars;

More importantly, the new generation of iPhone X will use more advanced logic circuit board and battery technology, and cheap version certainly do not have these, which means the former will be higher cost, and Guo Ming-kuo that the price difference between the two products at least To be over 200 dollars.

Now there are American media analysis of this, the cost of a new generation of iPhone X BOM should not change much the same as the previous generation also maintained at about 370 US dollars, while for the cheap iPhone X, the cost will be controlled at about 250 US dollars, If Apple wants to maintain the same gross margin of production products, then the iPhone X cheap version of the price is set at 699 US dollars, or very fly, so push back, the new iPhone X prices will continue to maintain At $ 999, X Plus is $ 1099.

So do not expect the price of iPhone X will come down, this is Apple will not dry, while the cheap version of iPhone X do not expect much cheaper, the domestic price remained at 5888 yuan should be basically nothing suspense, so think To start with the user can save money in advance.

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