Christmas Red Edition IPhoneX? Red And Black Color Looks Very Nice

- Dec 28, 2017-

Apple has begun to focus on developing the Chinese market since its taste of iPhone 5S era. It has launched many kinds of matching colors such as rose gold, red special edition and so on. What I have to admit is that such a trick is really useful.

Christmas red edition iPhoneX.jpg

Recently, a group of red versions of iPhone X, called "Christmas Special Edition", has been set out by the foreign network. The red iPhone X uses a Christmas red as a border color, with a black front panel, with a strong sense of high end and festive feeling. I believe that if the black version is matched with the red border, the color is certain and high.

Christmas red edition iPhoneX.jpg

Although the color is for manufacturers tested tricks, but last year the red special edition iPhone 7 sales are not very satisfactory. It seems that consumers are beginning to understand the path, and the unnecessary upgrades have begun to be treated rationally. If color matching, or the joint name of a part of the point, then they will still be desperate to buy.

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