Close The IOS Background Applications Will Be Saving More Electricity?

- Jul 24, 2017-

Most users have always seemed to have a misconception that apps running in the background should be closed because it can help extend the battery life. However, apple blogger John Guba also disagreed with the "consensus".

According to Guba, iOS doesn't work like computer system, the application of the background can be identified as "frozen" or stop using, and the application of these before use has released by use of memory, which means they are now used less CPU. Guba thinks shutting down all applications will actually make battery life worse.

When users force the application to shut down, they actually cost more battery life, leading to a much longer time to switch apps when forced to exit. Since the application in the background is frozen or disabled in a short time, the application is not actually used or occupies the resource space, which should extend the battery life.


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