Do IPhone X Users Need 1688 Yuan AppleCare+?

- Oct 31, 2017-

What services can AppleCare+ do?

AppleCare+ service is actually an extension of Apple's own products. "Plus (+)", as its name implies, is to provide more services that would otherwise not be provided. According to Apple's official website, the AppleCare+ full service plan for iPhone provides 2 years of maintenance services from the date of purchase of iPhone, while the ordinary three package service is only one year warranty.


Of course, the AppleCare+ service also includes up to two accidental damage warranty services. But for non-human damage, Apple needs to charge a certain service fee, of which 188 of the screen damage repair service charges, any other damage are charged 628 yuan maintenance service fee.

In order to obtain a better appearance, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched a less durable glass mobile phone, this year's iPhone 8 series iPhone and X are used to design the double glass, and AppleCare+ services to a large extent to avoid some careless careless use of mobile phone users broke effect.

Is AppleCare+ service worth it?

After the release of iPhone 8 series and iPhone X, Apple also raised the price of AppleCare+ services, iPhone 8 Plus AppleCare+ service price is 1288 yuan, iPhone X AppleCare+ service price is 1688 yuan. If you buy a 256GB iPhone X, with AppleCare+ service after the total price has reached 11376 yuan, in addition to believe that most people are part of nouveau riche users won't spend so much money to buy a shelf life of only one year of products.

iPhone X(256GB)加上AppleCare+服务的售价达到11376元


iPhone X保外维修价格为4588元,约等于一台iPhone 7


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