Do You Agree With The Three Shortcomings Of IPhone X?

- Dec 04, 2017-

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IPhone X is my favorite iPhone so far. It has the best display screen I saw on smart phone, it feels comfortable in the hand, its redesigned user interface is used to feel satisfied.

In spite of this, iPhone X still has some shortcomings.

The 1. TrueDepth camera system should add more functionality

iphone x.jpg

Now, the function of apple TrueDepth camera system is to support Face ID face recognition technology, Animoji dynamic expression and several unique self timer modes in Camera application.

I admit that Face ID is great, and I love it over Touch ID fingerprinting. It's the main way I unlock my phone and pay for it.

But the Animoji function starts to be fun, but after a while you'll find it's very limited. You can only produce 10 seconds of Animoji dynamic expression at a time, and its background is single white. Apple doesn't allow you to add other background or interesting results. Some new mode of photography that aims to make full use of iPhone X's advanced self camera is not impressive. Now, apples are a bit similar to Samsung, because they all have a lot of photographic patterns that you never use. I'd rather have less filters, but I hope they are better. In particular, I am disappointed with the new Portrait Mode (portrait mode) filter. It doesn't look well, and it needs a lot of tedious work.

The TrueDepth camera system is not the most advanced system, but I want to see apples increasing its functionality. At the iPhone X conference, apple publicized its augmented reality. However, it is disappointing that Apple has not built any independent AR applications to make full use of the iPhone X camera system.

2. in general, the iPhone X camera hardware is pulled back by the software

IPhone X's camera is longer than taking pictures and videos, but it doesn't have excellent Pixel 2 cameras from Google (micro-blog). Google's Pixel 2 camera's front camera usually shows better pictures than iPhone X.

It is worth noting that Google uses only one rear camera. IPhone X has second cameras for optical zoom, while Pixel 2 has nothing -- and a front camera that is inferior to TrueDepth, can beat Apple's iPhone X camera.  IPhone X has a very good camera hardware, but it's dragged the back leg by the mediocre software. The photos taken by this software tend to be less accurate than the photos taken by Pixel 2.

3. Liu Hai design

Most iPhone X users will say that when you use this mobile phone, its fringe -- the location of apple TrueDepth camera system -- tends to fade away from your view. "You really don't notice it." On dit。

In fact, that's not the case. I don't mind banging design, but when I use mobile phone, I always notice it, especially when I play the game, such as Monument Valley 2 (Monument Valley 2), occupy the whole screen, or when I watch videos with my cell phone. All the videos are covered with the entire screen of iPhone X, but the bangs often cover the part of the video you watch. It's not a big problem, but it's a little annoying. I hope that apple can solve this problem in the future iPhone. (you can reduce the video to avoid Liu Haifan you, but you can't enjoy the full screen effect.)

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