Domestic Lithium Battery Production Continued To Grow, The Future Bright Future

- Feb 18, 2017-

Lithium batteries were mainly used in digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops and other portable electronic products, in the global emphasis on energy saving and environmental protection, coupled with the progress of lithium battery technology, its application is further spread to electric vehicles, electric bicycles, Energy storage and other fields, lithium battery industry is in high-speed development. In recent years, the domestic lithium battery industry through continuous development and accumulation has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, including the upstream lithium resources, the middle of the lithium battery materials and downstream battery production.

 Shang Pu consulting industry analysts pointed out that in recent years, China's lithium battery production growth rapidly. In 2011, China's lithium battery production reached 2.966 billion natural only, an increase of 10.4%. In 2012, China's lithium battery production reached 4.178 billion natural only, an increase of 40.86%. In 2013, China's lithium-ion battery industry (including lithium-ion batteries, equipment, materials) continued to expand the scale of the global market share steadily. Data show that from January to December 2013, China's battery manufacturing industry, the main products, lithium-ion battery cumulative output of 4.678 billion natural only, the cumulative increase of 16.9%.

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