Domestic Samsung S9 Debut:This Full Screen Has A Bit Beautiful!

- Dec 15, 2017-

After several years of domestic mobile phone development, both the design and technology have made great strides. A domestic manufacturer is out of the country, sold overseas. Recently, a domestic manufacturer called Elephone, launched a new machine Elephone S9, from the appearance point of view with the Samsung S9 we look forward to high similarity.

Elephone S9

From the appearance point of view, Elephone S9 uses the same section of Samsung's full-color curved screen. The forehead and chin is very narrow, curved surface of the screen is also very large, so it seems Elephone S9 process is good. The current exposure of the news, the Elephone S9 uses a double-sided glass body, curved screen may come from the domestic supplier BOE.

Elephone S9

Machine color is very beautiful, red, blue and so on. Rear fuselage dual photo and fingerprint identification area vertical arrangement, two-color temperature flash located on the right side of the double photo. Configuration, the aircraft equipped with a Snapdragon 660 processor, pre-installed Andrews 8.0 system. As long as 2,000 yuan price, and the genuine flagship Samsung compared it is very attractive.

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