Entered Spain In November Last Year, Millet Phone Rushed Into The Top Three!

- May 15, 2018-

As the saying goes, "Good things go in pairs." Xiaomi's company, which is preparing for listing, has recently received a good news. After becoming the second-largest smartphone brand in Indonesia, Xiaomi Mobile became the third-largest smartphone brand in Spain. At this time, it was just half a year after Xiaomi entered the Spanish market in November last year. Canalys's market report shows that in the first quarter, Xiaomi's mobile phone market share in Spain reached 14.1%, surpassing Apple's iPhone and entering the top three.


小米MIX 2S

This month, Xiaomi’s mobile phone will also enter the French market and the Italian market, and will hold a new product launch conference in Milan on May 24. At present, the millet Italian official website has already launched millet A1, millet MIX 2, red rice 5/5 Plus and other mobile phones, the end of the conference or the launch of the millet MIX 2S overseas version, and even not yet launched the annual flagship new product millet 7.


The same good news is also reported in the Indian millet market. According to IDC’s latest report on the Indian smartphone market, Xiaomi has been number one in India for three consecutive quarters! Millet mobile phone market share in India reached 30.3%, further widening gap with Samsung, which has a market share of 25.1%. India's domestic brands have retreated to the second line and have performed fiercely in the functional machine market. Do you want to achieve the strategy of encircling the cities in rural areas? From this point of view, the future of the smart phone market in India is still quite variable.

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