Exposure Apple's New Charger Design Appearance: Equipped With USB-C Interface

- May 15, 2018-

This time, ChargerLAB has exposed four new renderings of Apple's charging. Through the exposure of the pictures, the details of the appearance of the charger can be clearly seen.

This is an European version of the charger, using European standards of cylindrical pins, the fuselage was flat oval, the overall shape is more rounded, thin, slender.

new apple adapter.jpg

The output connector of the charger is on the top and is equipped with a USB-C charging interface. The appearance of the output port is similar to the 2D sketch of the previous charging head network exposure, and it should be prepared for USB PD fast charging.

new apple adapter2.jpg

ChargerLAB broke the news once again confirming the fact that Apple is about to introduce the new USB PD charger. The original iPhone charger with faster charging speed is just around the corner.

At the same time, this will also bring great benefits to USB PD related parts manufacturers and upstream and downstream supply chain companies. The smaller 18W USB PD chargers, mobile power supplies, and car chargers on the market may become hot products.

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