Finally, No Delay! The IPhone 8 Will Launch At The End Of September!

- Jul 21, 2017-

Jpmorgan said apple's high-end iphone pro will launch at the time of its usual launch, which will be launched at the end of September without delay until October or November. However, j.p. Morgan said the initial number of the new iphone pro will be limited.

It has been rumored on Wall Street that apple's iphone 8 will be delayed until October or November, mainly related to the problem of embedding a fingerprint reader on the phone's display screen.

Jpmorgan chase's los DE Hal (RodHall) said in a report to investors, "it is essential that we believe that apple's production plan does not have substantial change, will not, like most media coverage of the current. We expect to the end of September, there will be a small amount of iPhonePro phone, predicts in October, production will further increase, until October or early November, apple's established production will come true."

J.p. Morgan expects the new iPhone to be sold at a higher price, mainly due to higher production costs. J.p. Morgan expects the iphone 8 to increase from its original forecast of $1,000 to $1,100.

Apple's new iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 8 or the iPhone pro, is expected to offer new features, such as brighter and more colorful OLED displays, wireless charging and facial recognition.

Jpmorgan, meanwhile, has kept apple's target for December 2018 at $165.

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