First Iphone 8 Departs ,that's How Little You Can Get?

- Sep 05, 2017-

The iphone 8, a 10-year special edition, has reached the pinnacle of expectations that the iphone's appearance has not changed much in years. As a world factory in China, Foxconn has been an exclusive manufacturer of iphones. Today, the first batch of iphone 8 has been shipped to the United States.

首批iPhone 8启程 就这么点怎么够抢的?

iPhone 8

From the exposure of the picture, the whole process has a camera record, to prevent any surprises, this security measures are really Apple's style. Sources say the first iphone 8 has only 5 million units due to capacity. This seems to be "in short supply" after four words will definitely not be a question mark.

iPhone 8

The iphone 8 uses a full screen design, while retaining some "forehead" on the front, but in return is a "full face" of good perception. The dual-sided glass fuselage supports wireless charging, followed by a two-camera vertical arrangement. The special edition of the iphone 8 uses an OLED full screen design, but is limited to the production capacity and good product rate, Rob may not be able to grab! Want to buy the right price easily, we'll see you next year!

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