Foreign Media Grant IPHONE IS Too Expensive

- Aug 09, 2017-


In this regard, Phonearena is the answer, in the United States, iPhone can maximize its ability. For example, there are unnecessary Siri, apple maps and CarPlay that aren't functional enough. IPhone, after all, is designed based on the habits of American consumers, and it is not acclimatized in china. Like an apple map that isn't smart enough, an unusable iTunes, Store, and so on.

However, Apple has designed many in the United States may be a very useful function, but not in other regions to play its role, like Siri in Chinese only occasionally being molested a lot of information and query functions due to insufficient localization is not convenient to use. Even considering tariffs and other factors, should basic pricing be higher than in the United States?

To sum up, consumers in countries other than the United States to buy the equipment, but can not enjoy the same quality of service, but to pay more fees, so apple in areas outside the United States is not it should be appropriate to reduce?

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