Foreign Media Test Samsung S8 Drop Performance: Touch Screen Still Available

- May 18, 2017-

Design of the Samsung S8 is very beautiful, some my media friends have expressed a similar view in get real machine. But what is beneath the beautiful surface? Recently, the German website took a drop test that can be called the violence, the results show that it can be said to be quite satisfactory.

blob.png itself has a special equipment, can let the tested mobile phone to 80 cm height free fall, this test can make the mobile phone four corners have similar impact strength. says most mobile phones that have been tested can experience 100 falls, with only scratches or depressions.

Although Samsung S8 carries fifth generations of Corelle gorilla glass, but in the 50 free fall behind the corner of the glass broke down. Of course, touch screen features were not affected and the back panels were not damaged. Though Samsung S8 users are recommended to buy protective cover, although it may affect some feel, but for the flagship mobile phone worth 900 euros, apparently small investment big returns.

The samsung galaxy S8 silicon case is highly recommended :colorful design,soft touch feeling,dust protection and pure leather. all features make you feel amazing!

blob.pngsilicon case samsung S8.JPG

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