From The IPhone X A11 Chip Talk About How Long AI Popularity?

- Sep 18, 2017-

A11 bionic chip compared with other chips, not only more powerful, but also benefited from the dual-core architecture of the "neural engine" (neural engine) to join, but also to achieve the portrait mode "portrait light effect", based on the front camera "Innovative expression" and other innovative features.

从iPhone X的A11芯片谈起 AI普及需多久

Of course, these new features are A11 bionic chip processing speed made a very high demand, and A11 bionic chip does not let us down. According to Apple's official statement, A11 bionic chip neural network processing engine processing speed of up to 600 billion times per second, can easily qualified for machine learning tasks.

Machine learning as a very important part of AI, has now been the major technology companies value, and proceed to develop related products. At present, Apple has been using the iPhone X to show us the future of AI, then the AI really popular, and how long?

A11 bionic chip how strong?

How long does it take for AI to be universal? Perhaps we can through Apple's A11 bionic chip to find out. A11 bionic chip compared to the previous generation A10 Fusion, fast performance in the 25%, energy efficiency increased by 70%. From the online exposure of the run chart, A11 bionic chip in the run points have gone beyond the high-pass Xiao Long 835 and Samsung Exyons 8895, become the strongest mobile terminal chip.


Of course, the stronger performance can only be regarded as a regular small upgrade, Apple in the A11 bionic chip to join the "neural engine" (neural engine) "is the A11 bionic chip" big kill device. " The neural network engine is dedicated to accelerating artificial intelligence related tasks, including iPhone ID above the iPhone X, portrait mode "portrait light effect", Animoji rhetoric needs through the neural network engine to better complete.


Some people may say that these functions through the CPU, GPU can also be achieved, the fact is true. However, for the neural network program model running on the mobile side, the use of specialized processors to deal with, not only to get faster speed, but also make mobile devices more power, is a better choice.


Through the Apple fall conference, we have seen the A11 bionic chip equipped with the neural network engine can bring us what incredible experience, although the current look at the "portrait light effect", Animoji rhetoric and other functions are just some Mobile phone more fun "icing on the cake" function, but the neural network engine in the future development is immeasurable. Imagine if you want to find a person's self-portrait in tens of thousands of photos, you only need to tell his name and Siri, the phone will automatically identify and display the corresponding content, which will greatly enhance our s efficiency.

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