Full Exposure Of 2018 Version IPhone Parameters

- Jan 24, 2018-

At the fall conference last year, Apple released three new machines, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X, to break the previous iterative pace. And surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be an apple on the whim. All the news, this year Apple will still bring three new iPhone, and the day before, the media exposure of the specific parameters of the three iPhone.


It is consistent with the news that Apple will launch the three "iPhone X" in 2018 to bring the product line into the full screen era. Among them, the 5.8 inch section is consistent with the cash iPhone X, and a new 6.5 inch iPhone with the same OLED profile screen is added, and PPI is up to 500. In addition, the two new iPhone storage will be extended to 4GB, both with double cameras.

iPhone X

In addition to the above two, the long - heard, cheap version of iPhone X also appears in the parameter form. The machine uses a 6.1 - inch LCD screen with a lower cost and does not have the 3D Touch function. In addition, the 6.1 inch New iPhone is only single, and the metal frame is made of stainless steel, and the storage capacity is also reduced to 3GB. It is worth noting that, although the storage size is separated, the apple should not be equipped with a shrunken chip for this new iPhone.

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