Full Screen IPad Is Coming ! Are You Satisfied With This Design?

- Nov 10, 2017-

Speaking of fashion trends this year, electronic products, full screen can be described as red-hot. Since millet MIX first proposed this concept, everyone has been conquered by a full-screen visual perception. This year, the climax of the full screen battle will be the number of iPhone X launched. Although many people do not like bangs design, but it is undeniable that Apple's black technology is absolutely ahead of rivals for several years.

全面屏iPad要来了! 这设计你满意吗?

In addition to iPhone X, iPad series can catch the full screen of the east it? Foreign media recently broke a group of pictures, showing us a full screen iPad is what it looks like. And the recent launch of the narrow border iPad Pro compared to a full screen version of iPad Pro apparently more visual impact. Basically done the "look at the face are all" effect.

全面屏iPad要来了! 这设计你满意吗?

From the appearance point of view, the full screen version of the iPad Pro in addition to narrowing the border, the basic and previous generation products no big difference. But positioning entertainment, mobile office iPad Pro, a larger screen also provides more space for display. In addition, narrowing the border, cancel the Home button, full screen iPad Pro is also equipped with 3D facial recognition. Full screen tide hit, such a iPad Pro your heart it?

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