Full Screen IPhone SE

- Sep 28, 2017-






Are you very excited?

Full screen version of the iPhone SE may be Apple next year is about to launch a new version of small size iPhone X.



And iPhone X, like the use of borderless shaped OLED display, the use of boring design, all the sensors placed in the groove. Abandon the HOME key, using Face ID face recognition. At the same time in the internal use of the same A11 processor, continuation of the performance of SE small steel gun title. And joined the level of dual rear camera and TrueDepth front camera system. Other aspects still retain the classic design.


Apple has always maintained a love for small-screen mobile phones, even in 2014 after the introduction of 5-inch iPhone after Apple has launched a 4-inch models. To this year is still the case, after the media to determine the news, Apple in India to build a new production iPhone SE2, is expected to go out next year.


According to media reports before, Apple will launch three next year, OLED screen with the iPhone, the screen size of 5.28 inches, 5.85 inches and 6.46 inches. 5.28 in., 5.85 in. And 6.46 in. The three sizes of screens are supplied by Samsung Display.

Full screen era began to come, iPhone 8 / 8Plus starting break, 5.8 inch iPhone X attracted the attention of the world. If there is no border OLED version of the iPhone SE appears, you will expect to buy it?

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