Full Screen + Screen Fingerprint: This IPhone 8 Perfect!

- Jun 20, 2017-

The second half of this year, Samsung galaxy note 8 and iPhone 8 were used to screen two flagship overall design is no suspense, but on the screen can be achieved under the fingerprint recognition, today (June 19th) insiders @ old Yao said:

Samsung Note 8 does not mean that apple iPhone 8 will also encounter problems, because Apple has a fingerprint identification scheme, while Samsung from new thinking, the present problems of fingerprint identification scheme under the screen is too noisy, believe that Apple has solved this problem, in addition, if the crazy market in August and September, now has production now, whether the screen support for fingerprint identification not what the significance is discussed.


This shows that the screen under the fingerprint recognition of too much noise Apple may have been resolved, iPhone 8 is likely to take the lead screen under the fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition and Samsung screen may have to wait until next year to Galaxy S9.

As a result, iPhone 8 is almost a perfect flagship. So, the question comes, the second half of iPhone 8 and Samsung Note 8, which one would you consider?

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