Glory 10: Gradient Fuselage First Look

- Apr 10, 2018-

After the update of its smooth play series, Glory will shift its focus to the digital series flagship. According to the glory of the official announcement, at the press conference in Shanghai on April 19, the glory 10, featuring AI photography and high-value design, will be unveiled. The aircraft will be endorsed by Hu Ge and Zhao Liying. Earlier today, some netizens sun-dried the real machine picture of glory 10 on Weibo. Let's take a look at it.


This picture comes from netizen @ ichangezone, given that it has always been accurate in its exposure to Huawei and glory, it is highly reliable. The picture shows only the real machine shell of Glory 10. As with previous news from the media, the aircraft continues to use 3D glass fuselage while adding a very popular gradient style this year, from blue to purple from left to right. Meet the glory trend of science and technology taste.


There is no fingerprint key on the back of Glory 10, which means that the opportunity is equipped with a pre-fingerprint or under-screen fingerprinting. In addition, Glory 10 is still back-parallel, with sharp-eyed netizens finding that the flash is marked with the words 1:1.6/27 ASPH. This is the standard name for the Leica lens, which means that Glory 10 is very likely. Post-imposing Leica dual camera

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