Google Pixel 2 To Become Full Screen? The Design Is A Few Zeros.

- Sep 06, 2017-

As Google's new son, Google Pixel mobile phones have attracted a lot of fans with their native Android systems and special "looks." However, as the first generation of products still have insufficient, this let everyone more look forward to its second-generation products Google Pixel 2.

谷歌Pixel 2

Prior to the news that Google Pixel 2 will not adopt a full screen design. But today, someone has released the most reliable renderings, saying that Google Pixel 2 will also adopt a full screen design similar to LG. From the picture, Google Pixel 2 of the comprehensive screen and LG G6 very much like, it is reported that this phone integration of LG and HTC two elements, after all, they have been Google's generation factory.

谷歌Pixel 2

And configuration, the current exposure of the message is that Pixel 2 will have two products, development code for walleye and taimen. Walleye is a small size mobile phone, with a 4.97-inch screen, with a resolution of 1080P, with a front-audible stereo speaker, canceling 3.5mm headphone jacks, with Gaotong 835 processors and 4GB+64GB storage space. The other taimen has a 6-inch 2K-level screen with a storage combination of Gaotong 835 processors and 4GB+128GB, retaining headphone jacks.

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