How Can We Call The Most Perfect Full-screen Mobile Phone?

- Oct 10, 2017-

Whether new technologies can be a future trend depends largely on the completion of the technology

This is like the first big change in the mobile phone industry. At that time, the habit of the function of the user just started touching the smart phone, the first feeling is, "wow, cell phone in addition to call, send information, actually can achieve so many functions?", "This phone is really amazing "... after that?

IBM Simon

The first recognized smartphone is IBM Simon, which was launched on August 16, 1994, and was initially priced at $ 899. Compared to the popular function of the machine is really much stronger. First, the screen touch application (resistance screen, that is, need a pen to use); Secondly, built-in calendar, world clock, notepad, e-mail and games and other applications. It was a miracle at that time, but it was not excellent in the user experience. Imagine that time let you carry a weight of 500g mobile devices, which is a big burden ah. In addition, the phone built-in applications in fact only to achieve the function of the application, optimization is not very good, so, in fact, this phone only do "I have you may not be able to use" Hyun realm.


Subsequently, Apple in 2007 once again reform the definition of smart phones. The emergence of the first generation of iPhone, once again refreshed the understanding of smart phones, it was the media as "God mobile phone", a listing will lead to the purchase boom. Then, when people really get this "God mobile phone", found that in use it still has some problems, such as does not support the 3G network, can not copy and paste, especially the battery can not be disassembled also led to market controversy.

Throughout the history, every time the application of new technology in the mobile phone industry will go through a process from primary to advanced, from single to complete. And this process, it is the phone from the user to meet the needs to improve the user experience in the process, so whether the new technology can become a future development direction of the industry will be highly dependent on the completion of the technology.

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