How To Choose A Mobile Phone Battery

- Mar 29, 2017-

1.Call your phone's manufacturer. If your phone's battery is failing while still under warranty, many pertinent manufacturers will offer to replace it for free; this provides you with a reliable source from which to receive your battery.
  • Even if your phone isn't under warranty, the manufacturer may be able to point you in the direction of a reputable battery source.

  • Due to the sheer number of calls your manufacturer's customer service line is likely fielding, this step may take a large chunk of time to complete.

2.Confirm that your phone has a removable battery. If your call to your phone's manufacturer proves unsuccessful, you'll need to replace the battery yourself. Specifically, you should determine whether or not you can quickly and easily remove your phone's battery; most Android phones fit this criterion, whereas iPhone users should skip ahead to the "Choosing a Charger" section.

  • Usually, if your phone has an easily-removable battery, you will be able to access the battery by sliding a panel off of the back of the phone.

  • If you have an iPhone, you can send it in to an Apple store to have the battery replaced. This process is expensive, but you run the risk of ruining your phone and/or voiding your warranty if you attempt to remove the battery yourself.

3.Find your cell phone's model number. If you still have your user manual, you'll be able to look up your model number there; otherwise, you'll have to find the model number on your phone's casing. Once you find the model number, be sure to write it down--when you search for pertinent battery replacements, the model number will narrow your search considerably.
  • You can usually find a device's user manual online if you can't locate it.

4.Find your battery's serial number. The serial number's location will vary depending on your phone's model, but you can usually find this information on the back of the battery; keep in mind that you'll have to remove the battery to view the serial number. Write this information down as well, since you'll use it to search for a relevant battery. Other information you should know includes the following:
  • Battery type (e.g., Lithium Ion vs. NiCAD).

  • Your phone's manufacturing date.

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