Huawei Honor Magic 2 Will Be Released At 10.31: Sliding Full Screen Design

- Oct 10, 2018-

Combined with the previous news, the glory Magic 2 features a sliding full-screen design that hides the front camera in a sliding lift structure. The front and rear borders of the fuselage are almost invisible, with a screen ratio of nearly 100%, which is officially called the Magic Slide full screen.

Glory Magic 2 debuthonor magic 2.jpg

According to the glory of Zhao Ming, the sliding screen structure of the glory Magic 2 is not only to hide the front camera, but also has many AI-related functions, and this part is the highlight.

According to the currently known news, the aircraft will be equipped with a 7nm process technology Kirin 980 processing chip, equipped with off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, support for more secure 40W super fast charge and dual card dual pass dual VoLTE function. In addition, there is also a blast that Magic 2 will use graphene technology, or it will improve the heat dissipation of mobile phones.

There is still a period of time since the release of Glory Magic 2, and glory Zhao Ming forwarded Weibo to say "What magical black technology do you expect?" suggesting that the machine has unpublished configuration information, but these are waiting for the official to break the news. How do you feel about the glory of Magic 2?

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