Huawei Mate 9 Super Charger

- Mar 29, 2017-

1.  Profile:Single USB,Square appearance

HUAWEI SuperCharger Model number:HW-050450C00

input:100-240V,0.75A  output:5V2A/4.5V5A/5V4.5A

Five class energy efficiencyWith3Cqualification,with 3C qualification.


As like previous HUAWEI fast charging , open top cover you can see the internal structure of charger.

You can get the PCB out ,without damaging the out cover. There is the circuit board covered with a sheet of metal used for heat conduction.

Two layers of PCB boards, components dense.

From this point of view, the two shrapnels of USB seat interface current transmission of the two shrapnel are widening .

Double circuit board structure, one is for low voltage output, another is for high voltage input.

Another side of PCB.

3A, withstand voltage 1000V, the upper right corner of the optocoupler, the lower left corner of the primary PWM control chip.

here in order to save space, PCB was hollowed out to reduce the overall height.

Remove the insulation cover plate, you can clearly see two solid state capacitors provide a stable filter for high current output.

On the other side,  there is silicone grease insided the metal heat conducting cover.

This piece of metal is welded up with a piece of iron.

When the heat sink plate is welded, the radiating plate is fixed on the circuit board by the heat conductive adhesive.what is that?

All covers removed.

A single chip, as well as 5 milli ohm package sampling resistance, as well as a AO of the MOS tube, MOS pipe is speculated that in the case of short circuit, overheating and other circumstances to close the output, improve the safety .

 The entire PCB. with the white insulation film removed.

The two circuit board is welded together, and the solid capacitance of the plate can be seen to reduce the thickness of the 1/4.

Slow fuse, overvoltage protection resistance, gray box is X capacitor, the USB is the right side of the two Y capacitor.

HUAWEI's SuperCharger fast charging agreement is stored in the microcontroller inside, it can be said that the charger's brain.

Here is the primary circuit, including transformers, two electrolytic capacitors and common mode inductors.

RT7786primary PWM chip

The black plastic cover, providing excellent insulation between components.

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