Huawei Strives To Become The World's First Folding Cell Phone

- Apr 13, 2018-

Yesterday, Huawei P20 National Bank press conference officially fell behind the curtain. But the more thrilling news came again! According to foreign media reports, Huawei appears to be launching the "World's first" folding smartphone to launch an impact. According to the South Korean news website Etnews, the company reportedly plans to announce its folding phone this November.


If the smartphone can be folded, it will allow the device to get a larger screen space with a smaller volume. The assumption sounds familiar, yes, because it is the new form of smartphones that has been rumored to be being developed by Samsung in recent years. According to Etnews, Huawei wants to beat its rivals at the speed of the study.

In fact, there is no reason for foreign media speculation, at present, the sixth generation of flexible OLED display screen has been able to achieve mass production, these flexible electronic screen can not only achieve folding, but also to achieve more you do not want to think of the application (domestic just the end of the CITE2018, it will show a wide range of flexible electronic screen applications). Therefore, in the case of hardware conditions, Huawei pioneered the introduction of folding mobile phones is not completely impossible!

If this attempt succeeds, Huawei's position in the global marketplace is likely to rise again, the immediate advantage is that Huawei is likely to get the most out of the current global smartphone shipments, and without the support of the U.S. market, it will be a historic moment for the smartphone industry.

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