IOS 11.0.1 Update Push, Repair Battery Crash Problem

- Sep 27, 2017-

September 27 news, released in the iOS 11 update only a week later, Apple today pushed the iOS 11.0.1 firmware update, which is released after iOS 11, the first small version of the system update, code-named 15A402, the update Package size of 280MB, support iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch variety models.

iOS 11.0.1更新推送

For the details of the update, Apple did not elaborate, only that repair some bugs, increase security patches, and slightly improve performance, it seems that with the past to update the difference. However, before the fruit Tucao said, iOS 11 upgrade equipment after the crash, its power consumption is more than twice the iOS 10, apparently Apple this update is designed to solve the problem.

In addition, there are developers said, iOS 11.0.1 also fix can not access the Exchange e-mail server Bug. At present, users can log on directly to the phone settings page, through the OTA to update.

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