IOS 11.3 Blocked Third-party Fast Charge, Shenzhen Manufacturers Second Crack

- Mar 30, 2018-

In the early hours of March 30th, Apple released the official version of iOS 11.3. iOS 11.3 supports AKBit 1.5 for more realistic augmented reality experience, iPhone battery health (Beta version), exclusive iPhone's new Animoji, Apple Pay transportation card and other heavy functions, but it also brings a bad news, third-party USB PD Fast charge was tarnished.


Apple released three iPhones last year (iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, iPhone X) support USB PD fast charge, half an hour can be filled with 50% of the power, but must match Apple's official website C to Lightning fast charging line and USB PD charging The use of the device, the official C-Lightning fast charge line price is 188 yuan, fast charging charger price is 388 yuan, a total of 576 yuan, are enough to buy an Android hundred yuan machine.

The most annoying thing is that Apple does not open the MFI certification of C to Lightning cable, so we have no alternative but to purchase the original line. Of course, this is difficult to fall down the domestic gods, the domestic team soon made the QC turn Ligtning line, do not even PD charger, the price is only tens of dollars, just with the cheap QC3.0 fast charge charger can USB PD fast charge for three new iPhones.


The so-called “Skynet is a grand, sparse but not leaky”. With the update of iOS 11.3 beta on March 15th, Apple completely blocked the third-party fast charge lines. However, just 10 days later, the Shenzhen company C-Force launched the CC06 QC. Turn Ligtning line to allow the iPhone to support the USB PD fast charge, CC06 uses Flash technology, is said to fundamentally solve the compatibility issues brought by Apple's upgrade, this is just a good upgrade for iPhone users who just upgraded iOS 11.3 official version news.

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